My name is Lydia, and I have been a single mother on the run after three beautiful hooligans.


Somewhere between coping with the veritable ways life goes sideways and finding a truly human experience, I developed a remarkable sense of responsibility for being brutally honest about the little things in life we gloss over.

Things that are actually big things we should probably stop shoving in closets, frantically closing doors when company arrives.

What you’ll find here is a frank (and occasionally unflattering) account of my best attempts to do right by myself, my children, and the small corner of world I occupy. Whether it be mom life, personal evolution, forays into fitness, or shenanigans whilst exercising my love for outdoor adventuring, sometimes these things are only achieved by pinning up my hair and adding whiskey to hot tea.

Welcome to Whiskey and Bobby Pins. (Bless your heart.)