Flexibility and Accountability (and Switzerland)

I hope you guys find me as entertaining or amusing as I find myself. Not because I'm clever, because, honestly, I'm actually pretty slow with come-backs and one-liners. I also don't tell good jokes. Rather, because I am constantly walking around presented with contradictions to the way I thought things were. It never fails- every … Continue reading Flexibility and Accountability (and Switzerland)

They Call Her Mommy, and, Yes, I Let It Happen

Alright, boys and girls. Touchy divorce/co-parenting post. This one, actually, has been on my mind more than the one I posted day before yesterday, but it just hasn't come together right. Hasn't been the time. However, after several recent conversations with prospective divorcees, new divorcees, or "shit's not getting any better, and it's awful" divorcees … Continue reading They Call Her Mommy, and, Yes, I Let It Happen