On Bravery

Not feeling quite as jaunty today as I like to be when writing here. Typically, I have a sunshiny spirit and a smile for anyone. However, a few things are bothering me. Before I break them all out, here's a throwback to the first disclaimer I posted a year ago. The following post contains view … Continue reading On Bravery

Fresh Eyes

Jinxed myself last time I said I was doing well with this. I'll be honest, this will be fairly brief, although to the point. No extra wordy-words. I think those go flying out the window the second you become somewhat convicted of a new direction. Cool your jets- my commentary isn't going anywhere. I know … Continue reading Fresh Eyes


Getting somewhat better about posting before half a year elapses. This resolution is going much more smoothly than that one about staying mostly Paleo. We can't be good at everything though- am I right? This particular post has been on my mind for a while, and I've spent at least a third of my last … Continue reading Structures